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Historical Artifacts

We have been instrumental in funding the preservation of early town history and other important documents. The Kensington Social Library is the repository of these documents as well as many of the town records showing more recent changes. A vault on the first floor of the library houses the earliest volumes of town business and vital registers.

Annual Reports
Annual reports dating from the mid-1800s are part of the library’s collection These are a wonderful resource for those interested in the economic and social history of Kensington. They also document the marriages, births and deaths of the town’s people.

The Sawyer Room
The Sawyer Room was dedicated in 1986 to the memory of Ruth E.Sawyer and occupies the second floor of the library and has many interesting artifacts relating to Kensington’s early life, farming and industry.

The Rev. Roland D. Sawyer’s book, The History of Kensington
First published in 1948, this book is recommended reading for those interested in the lore of our community. This, in addition to other state and local histories and related publications, gives a rich picture of the fabric of life in our rural setting.

This is available in CD form for purchase - see the Calendar & Store page.

Historical Buildings and Sites
There are many buildings and sites of historic interest within the boundaries of Kensington. These include The Grange Hall, The Congregational Church, The North School, The Town Cemeteries, Union Meeting House and Kensington Social Library.

The Historical Society is pleased to arrange tours to these and other sites for interested parties. Please e-mail us with your requests and to be put on our list for notification of meetings: khistoricalsociety@yahoo.com

Or, you may write to:
The Historical Society of Kensington
c/o The Social Library
126 Amesbury Road, Kensington, New Hampshire. 03833.